Monday, 15 April 2013

Getting the Name Out, Street Level

Usuall, when you want to see a faded ad in New York City, you look up. They're typically haunting the upper stories of old brick buildings, painted there back in the day because that's the perch where the company's name and message would meet the most eyeballs.

Not this ad on the west wall of 24 W. 26th Street. The words are almost to the ground. As far as I can tell, the name of the long-gone company was Randall & McAllister. I can find out nothing about the business. But it's curious the sign should remain at such a low level. The address of the parking lot, 26 W. 26th, was once the first permanent address of the theatrical Lamb's Club. In 1897, it became a Yale Club. So there was a building here long ago. And yet the sign seems very old. Maybe there was an alleyway between 24 and 26.

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